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[ Introduction ]

MaSTER is a very innovative, first of it’s kind and a unique program which will allow students to learn quality E-learning academics, Computer Literacy and also personal skill development programs which can be accessible from anywhere and at any time.

We are offering all these programs with the help of MaSTER (Math and Science Talent Exploration-Revelation), because it is a fact that the talent should be identified and nurtured from the very beginning is the genesis of all talent search examinations. Moreover these tests are designed to enable students and institutions to measure themselves against a state level standards.

MaSTER Details

For Whom

Jr. Group - Students in Grades 4th, 5th, 6th
Sr. Group - Students in Grades 7th, 8th, 9th
CBSE & Maharashtra State Board


Level 1 - School/Block Level
Level 2 - Division Level
Level 3 - State Level


Level 1 - August 2019 at School
Level 2 - October 2019 at Divisional HQ
Level 3 - 14th November 2019 at Aurangabad


MaSTER will be based on syllabi CBSE & Maharashtra State Board syllabi of Mathematics and Science of the respective Board and Class.

Participation Fee

Rs. 365/- per Student

Medium of Question Paper


MaSTER Highlights

FREE Educational Programs
worth ₹ 36,500/- to every participant

Cash Scholarships worth
₹ 35 Lakhs +

Singapore-Malaysia Grand Tour For top 6 Bravo Students

Best School of The Year Awards
₹ 77,000/- each (to 6 schools)

Free Family Holiday Gifts to Participant Students & Teachers
Worth ₹ 2 Crore

Grade Wise Awards