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  • ATS -Academic Tutoring SchoolWe have designed Tutorials in a very innovative and unique way. Our mission is to provide tutorials and related educational services under one roof at a very affordable price.
  • BTS -Brain Booster ProgramsBrain Booster Programs for all Brain Gym is a training program that helps kids to increase their learning ability, thinking capability, improves concentration, boost self-confidence, leading to a bright academic performance and growth.
  • CTS - Childcare and Toddlers School- Li’l BrainsWe are the first educational company in India that franchising our Li’l Brains Preschool chain with cost effective franchisee model.
  • responsive sliderA good Multi-Activity Center or afterschool programs can turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time. That’s a big benefit for kids with learning and attention issues.
  • ETS - Empowering Lives Training SchoolWe have a group of expert and skilled trainers and facilitators. They are all experienced professionals, many of whom are recognized international experts in their individual fields.
ATS -Academic Tutoring School BTS -Brain Booster Programs CTS - Childcare and Toddlers School- Li’l Brains DTS - Develop & Learn Through Fun & Creativity ETS - Empowering Lives Training School
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Our Mission

mission It is our mission to create a healthy, respectful, supportive, creative and reflective learning community where children and families thrive and are celebrated. We are committed to enhancing the development and education of children under statutory school age by encouraging parents to  understand and provide for the needs of their children through community groups.  We offer support to each individual child to help them reach their full potential by providing high levels of care and  education within a nurturing environment.

Our Vision

vision Brain Guru’s vision is to provide a nurturing and engaging learning environment where children are empowered to become independent thinkers, hands on learners, and to express themselves creatively. At Bain Guru, we strive to encourage each child to be confident with their self and their uniqueness; to become reflective learners; and to engage in collaborative learning. Bain Guru’s education community is an inclusive community that honors and celebrates individual, family and cultural differences and welcomes family involvement and participation.

Our Philosophy

Ecological Awareness :

mission The elements of the program are carefully planned to encourage children to deepen their concern for the welfare of others and extend it to other living things such as plants and animals. In this way, they come to realize that all living beings are interrelated and that the welfare of others is inseparable from their own. Through the presentation of themes, the behavior of staff and activities such as animal care and gardening, ecological awareness is developed and the children learn to care for and nourish their environment and its inhabitants.

Cultural Respect:

vision This broadens the mental horizons of children promoting an outlook free from prejudice and narrowness. For this reason, cultural respect and appreciation are encouraged and planned within the program.

To develope the full potential of each child:

mission Another equally important goal is to develop the full potential of each child– physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually. This is accomplished by providing a wide variety of developmentally appropriate childhood experiences throughout the day. In short, we hope to infuse the children with a sentiment of respect so they will grow into individuals who care, for benefit the world in which they live.

Learning respect and love for all. :

vision The educational philosophy of Brain Guru Education recognizes the importance of learning respect and love for all. It is called Neo-Humanism. Neo-Humanism expands the underlying spirit of humanism, which is love for fellow beings to encompass love of all the creation as well as a realization of the interconnectedness of all aspects within it. One of the goal of Brain Guru Education is to develop this feeling of interconnectedness and to nurture a sentiment of love and respect for the environment and everything in it. This is accomplished through the application of the principles of Neo-Humanism in the classroom

Meet Our Team


Vinod Kumar. Founder & Director

Starting off as a young entrepreneur, he built this empire striving to achieve and make a mark in the education industry. With a slow and steady start, He had diversified now Brain Guru’s establishment into many branches successfully. Brain Guru is not only a business brand but also a family, where one can bring in new ideas and concepts; and we helps turns them into reality. We take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, whose continued patronage and confidence in our products and services inspires us to extend the best of services and enables us to provide value for their money. Brain Guru is committed to its Business Associates, Channel Partners, Brand Owners, Franchisees by way of maximizing the wealth through sustained growth under the overall ambit of the spirit of a Unit, to optimally balance the commercial objectives and the goals of social services to the nation at large.


Dr. Santosh Kamerkar

Many a Great man emerges victorious in the face of adversities, Dr. Santosh Kamerkar is one of them. The multi-faceted man-he is an Author, Mentor, Life & Business Coach. During this entire journey of success, He wrote 13 Inspirational & Motivational Books. The book "Mala Shrimant Vhaychay" became so popular that it has been sold more than 1,00,000 copies. Also conducted more than 3100 programs across India and touched lakhs of lives. He was Honored the degree of doctor of Philosophy in the field of Alternative Medicines from the open International University of Srilanka.


Dr. Yogini Kuber Ph. D.

Dr. Yogini left her successful job as a Principle at age 25 to pursue a life, but it did not come easily. After being inspired by her own unexpected challenges & experiences, she realized her journey was indeed her destination. She is a Life Coach with a counseling emphasis known for catalyzing radical self-reflection while offering practical direction. She is passionate about busting the myth that life is about living by a checklist & having it all figured out.


Sachin Kumar (Memory Guru) B. E. (ETC) Trainer, Yog Guru

He has huge experience of more than 10 Years in the field of trainings and teachings. He has trained uncountable students and adults through more than 1000 workshops in more than 20 states of India. He is LIMCA BOOK WORLD RECORD HOLDER (For Memorizing 5000 Year’s Calendar) Also he is a COACH of Indian Volleyball Team (for Yoga & Mental Fitness)


Vivek Ranaware

Vivek Ranaware aka VSR is a Corporate Hypnotist and a renowned Image Building Expert. With having 15 years of steadfast experience over 50 organizations and 5000 individuals have managed to bring a change in their perspective which has transformed them. VSR believes that every individual has an ability to conquer the pinnacle of success often most of them lack is “Positivity” which is fundamental aspect yet very crucial. His mission is to install confidence in an individuals and rediscover their ability to accomplish unexpected. His result oriented programs has helped and encouraged others to find the true potential and mentor them to meet the goal of an individual or an organization.


Gaurav Bhandari Six World Records and One National Record in Mathematics.

Gaurav Bhandari who is also known as Human Computer , He presently has Six World records and One National Records. He has taken more than 450 seminars & workshop in India by training more than 3000 students. At the age of 26 he is having super mental Ability to calculate the faster than calculator. For his ability he has featured in many television shows, Newspapers, Radio. Also received prestigious awards like Marathwada BhushanPuraskar, Shasti SevaGauravPuraskar etc.


Santosh Jadhav Santosh Jadhav is a professional trainer.

He has trained more than 10000 people in his marketing and training career through his various mastery programs such as Motivational Programs, Corporate Trainings, Educational counselling. Also he has a vast experience in sales trainings He has more than 17 years of experience in the field of Education. His journey to understand the different methods of teaching took him to deep in Education field.