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  • ATS -Academic Tutoring SchoolWe have designed Tutorials in a very innovative and unique way. Our mission is to provide tutorials and related educational services under one roof at a very affordable price.
  • BTS -Brain Booster ProgramsBrain Booster Programs for all Brain Gym is a training program that helps kids to increase their learning ability, thinking capability, improves concentration, boost self-confidence, leading to a bright academic performance and growth.
  • CTS - Childcare and Toddlers School- Li’l BrainsWe are the first educational company in India that franchising our Li’l Brains Preschool chain with cost effective franchisee model.
  • responsive sliderA good Multi-Activity Center or afterschool programs can turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time. That’s a big benefit for kids with learning and attention issues.
  • ETS - Empowering Lives Training SchoolWe have a group of expert and skilled trainers and facilitators. They are all experienced professionals, many of whom are recognized international experts in their individual fields.
ATS -Academic Tutoring School BTS -Brain Booster Programs CTS - Childcare and Toddlers School- Li’l Brains DTS - Develop & Learn Through Fun & Creativity ETS - Empowering Lives Training School
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Our Products

Book Printing

Product Categories:

- PlayGroup Books
-Nursery Books
-LKG Books
-UKG Books
-Abacus Books
-Handwriting Improvement Books
-School Diary
-Report Cards
-Scrap Book
-Drawing & Coloring

Play Materials

Product Categories:

-Trampoline -Tricycles
-Play House
All Play Equipment As Per Requirement

School Uniforms

Product Categories:

-Boys Uniforms
-Girls Uniforms
-Sports Suits


Product Categories:

-E-Learning Software
-DMIT Software
-Brain Gym Software
-IQ Test Software
-Psychometric Test Software

Preschool Furniture

Product Categories:

-Dual Desks
-Book Shelves
-Toy Shelves
-Kid's Gym
-Bottle Hangers
-Puppet Theatre
All Preschool Furniture As Per Requirement

Preschool Teaching Aids.

Product Categories:

-Flash Cards
-Wooden Toys
-Wooden Puzzles
-Wooden Trays
-Sewing Toys
-Montessorie Materials
All Teaching Aids